Twenny Things Learned By 20.

There are some things my experiences have taught me at 20 years of living.

  1. You never stop learning & growing. Life is a constant change. Keep up with the change.
  2. Your mindset doesn't 'grow old' with you. As young as you feel and all that...
  3. Nobody actually gives a shit. No, they probably aren't judging you so STOP OVERTHINKING IT. It is so easy to bitch out of something or say no to new things because you are scared of what people might think when in reality nobody cares. Everybody is too wrapped up in themselves.
  4. The few who are judging are not worth shit.
  5. Education (alongside most things within the system) is outdated and doesn't actually define your future like people always say it will. Money isn't happiness. 
  6. Music these days sucks.
  7. Taking time to yourself means so much more than you realise. Don't lose yourself.
  8. Internet and technology are the most toxic things that we are continuously numbing our minds over. *slightly over dramatic*
  9. Not knowing what you want is perfectly ok.
  10. Crappy days are equally as ok.
  11. Making that extra bit of effort tends to be worth it.
  12. Its nice to be nice until someones a dick, then its ok to tell someone to fuck off :)
  13. Only you can make things happen. What's the point in waiting around for what you want? It's your life and so much can happen outside of the daily routine.
  14. Shitty things happen. -Trump being voted US president- Voice your opinion and stay true to yourself. Be unapologetically yourself.
  15. Channelling your mood through fashion is fun! Funky clothes are my favourite fucking thing and it definitely helps improve a bad mood.
  16. Be grateful for the people/moments/memories/things you have. Appreciate it all every single day and stay humble.
  17. Small talk isn't worth the hassle. You leave having made no real connection with said person and just feel more awkward overall.
  18. Never take things too seriously. It is too easy to get caught up in things that seriously don't matter.
  19. Self worth isn't shit if you're putting others down in order to make yourself feel good. Appreciate the beauty of others while still knowing your own. 
  20. You will make mistakes. Deal with them the right way and don't be too hard on yourself. Everyone's fucking up one way or another...

This is only the beginning of my twenties and I can't wait to see what's to come next.
Thank-you for taking the time to read my ramblings, 

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