To me, Lot's of Love, From me.

Daily Reminder...

Wake up
Stay in bed an extra 5 minutes -it’s a new day
Look outside
Feel the water over your face -breathe
Let your hair dry naturally
Forget about clothes for a while -be naked
Drink water
Put on a favourite CD -loud is good
Dance around
Eat something new
Mis-match your clothes
You don’t need a bra today
Let your eyebrows grow
Forget about make-up today
Get shit done
Go outside -leave your phone behind
Appreciate the ways things look right now
Talk to the people you love -say Hi
Plan adventures
Forget to check your bank account today
Buy yourself something new, something you’ve never had/done before
Take your socks off -your feet won’t get cold inside
Write things down
Drink more water
Touch your own butt
Finish your book -underline words that you like
Cook something that you haven’t eaten in a while -enjoy the food
Play a game with someone -laugh
Take your clothes off -be cold
Get comfy -be warm
Think about you -be grateful

You’ve got the world right here in front of you, right now - remember that.
Thank-you for taking the time to read my ramblings, 

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