Me, Who Has Been Awakened.

Life is weird shit crazy.
We earn money independently before we have anything to pay for.
We are told you are guaranteed success if you are employed from the age of 16, despite having no bills to pay at 16. It's not 'proactive', it's mind-numbingly dumb.
Money is used as a tool, which manipulates us into thinking money is essential for well-being, furthermore leaving us to think it is vitally important  when in actual fact it doesn't contribute to our being whatsoever. It was once upon a time, made up...fictional. 

(My favourite quote by Christopher McCandless,
from my favourite book, Into The Wild)
I don’t ever remember being told money is made up. I don’t ever remember being told the entire idea of time isn't real. I don’t ever remember being told that the day of the week is made up.
A false sense of security is the only kind there isWe are swallowed up so deeply by the routine of day-to-day life that the mind doesn't get to naturally expand and instead we simply adapt to this false sense of security. 
We are trapped in a bunch of untruths and it is important to separate ourselves from all the bullshit. 

I am a very ‘peace, love and John Lennon bullshit’ sort of person. Subconsciously I have always known that there is no more to life than the moment we are living in, right now. There is something inside of my mind reminding me that there is so much more to life than I am playing with. For some people the search is over before they even realise there’s something to find. Some people are fulfilled where they are born and can live to die in that one place. For others, there’s this itching energy within, to see what else the world has to offer.
What feeds my soul could starve another and vice versa. I don’t know exactly what makes each of us different but I'm beginning to understand myself and what makes me, me

I have never had much of a relationship with religion/philosophical views, until recently when making a connection with Buddhism! Everybody has different beliefs, different morals and different values. With growing up comes a sense of fear as you realise that your comfort of what always was, was not ever actually there in the first place and it is entirely up to you, to decide what is ‘real’ or what you ‘believe’ in.
My relationship with Buddhism is new and I still have a lot to learn but this is a part of my journey that excites me and is something I know I will carry on to practise in my life. Buddhism is something I find comfort in. I find it interesting and to be undoubtedly true. Kind of scary for me! Me who has never really thought there was a true meaning in this shit crazy world, is beginning to get it. Me who has started to see things more clearly. Me who has been awakened. 

    Thank-you for taking the time to read my ramblings, 

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