Feeding My Starved Wanderlust

So now I make coffee for a living and I'm all giddy about it.

My only fear is for the limited time I have on this earth, to be wasted. If someone had of told me that at 19 I’d be employed full time making coffee for others, no university prospects, a school drop-out, no drivers license, no solid plans for the future, no fulfilled passion and still in Northern Ireland... I'd probably definitely have cried or straight up shit my pants. I'd have cried because from the word go, that’s what we’re told wasting time looks like. I remember making wishes going under bridges or at 11:11, to pass school and then go uni because then I could be completely untouchable/good to go in life. -WRONG- I thought if I wished for this life over and over again that it would obviously happen and nothing would phase me when it came. -WRONG-  I was taught that’s how it went and that’s how to be happy. -WRONG-

It doesn't go like that, nor has it. So at 19 I am now finally acceptant of the fact that my road is different than others. I am no longer being stupidly hard on myself or my mind..thinking I'm a 'bum'. I'm doing me, just like in every other success story. 
I am employed full time. Not in university, not working towards the typical career based lifestyle but I'm real happy.I am now another step closer to my shit being together and most importantly can begin saving money for the one thing I know I am passionate about – feeding my starved wanderlust. FUCK YEA.

Its baffling to me how at such a young age I was so concentrated on a lifestyle that we are brainwashed into wanting. I grew up, my mind continued to expand and I realised like a tonne of shit that I'd been wasting precious time trying to love a lifestyle that wasn't for me. There are 7 billion people in this world and one lifestyle wont cater everyone. What I'm doing now is that whole ‘secure/safe zone’ thing for me. I never understood why people were so damn excited for university etc but I totally get it now and that's because this is my version of that journey. It might seem stupid to others but this is how I know doing me has paid off, because I am finally excited and have that giddy feeling about where I'm headed.

The way the system we’re unfortunately stuck in manipulates our minds into thinking you’re a ‘bum’ or have no ‘sorted future’ if your not in a particular job/career up to their standard is utter nonsense and I disagree with it entirely. How can society dismiss the life or future of another, based on their ‘standards’ when each person has an entire different mind or passion to fulfil in themselves!? Because the one thing that you learn growing up is that a false sense of security is the only kind there is. Not one thing is guaranteed or secure. 

I know that whatever happens in my future is just as guaranteed/secure as every other single person out there. 

 Wanderlust - A strong desire to travel"

Thank-you for taking the time to read my ramblings, 

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